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Like how squirrels use their tails as umbrellas.
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Your writing flips the way I think on its head. I’m so grateful you share you what you learn!
Cyrus Yari, CEO of Rational Investor

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Founder Training

Consciousness training to help entrepreneurs/creatives escape the “high-low” cycle of creative mania followed by destructive burnout. After 10 years and £50k+ on the world’s top psychologists, there is a way out...I promise!
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Rediscovery Course

Who are you really? How can you know? What's you and what's your parents', teachers', friends', society's influence? Rediscovering who I really was saved me from suicide. Now I want to help others find their realest selves, too.
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So many new ideas! I have dozens of projects running in the background or in the pipeline. Always looking for feedback or help executing. And feel free to steal any good ones, I'll happily invest or at least advise!
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